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en List of public holidays

List of public holidays


1.01 - Nowy Rok.jpgJanuary 1 – the New Year, and the Catholic solemnity of the Holy Mother of God – C. The first day of the new year. In Poland, it is celebrated as the Solemnity of the Holy Mother of God. All shops are closed.

6.01 - Trzech Kroli.jpgJanuary 6 – the Epiphany in the Catholic tradition – C
On the streets of Katowice, you may see the Cavalcade of the Magi – a walk of actors and inhabitants of the city dressed as the Magi, aristocracy, soldiers, the Holy Family, Angels, devils, Herod, etc. The performance of the Cavalcade refers to the tradition of the Nativity Play and is based on the Bible. All shops are closed.

12.02 - Tlusty Czwartek.jpgFebruary 11 – Fat Thursday – D
The very last week of the carnival begins! On this particular day you may eat as much as you want, doughnuts are especially welcome.

14.02 - Walentynki.jpgFebruary 14 – Valentine’s Day – D
The day of all lovers

6.03 - Dzien Kobiet.jpgMarch 8 – Women’s Day – D
It used to be celebrated boisterously and nowadays it is no longer so, but still all the ladies are happy to get a symbolic flower

27.03 - Wielkanoc.jpgMarch 27 – Easter, a Catholic solemnity – C
Easter Sunday; in Poland, the early Sunday morning and the Easter breakfast are the most important when it comes to the celebration.  On that day, children search for presents left by the Easter bunny. All shops are closed.

28.03 - Poniedzialek Wielkanocny.jpgMarch 28 – Easter Monday, a Catholic celebration – C
Also known as the Lany Poniedziałek (meaning “Wet Monday”) or Śmigus Dyngus – on that day, you’d better be careful because you may get soaked with water thrown at you. It is a part of the Polish tradition – water is to bring good luck and welfare. All shops are closed.

1.05 - Swieto Pracy.jpgMay 1 – Labor Day – N
It is a public holiday, we celebrate it by resting. All shops are closed.

3.05 - Swieto Konstytucji 3 maja.jpgMay 3 – Day of the Constitution of 3rd May – N
We celebrate the adoption of the first modern written constitution in Europe and the second in the world. All shops are closed.

15.05 - Zielone Swiatki.jpgMay 15 – The Pentecost or Green Week, a Catholic solemnity – C
Church holiday, public holiday. All shops are closed.

26.05 - Boze Cialo.jpgMay 26 – Feast of Corpus Christi, a Catholic solemnity – C   
On that particular day, on the streets, you may see Catholic processions. It is still a living tradition and crowds of people take part in the celebration. It may cause traffic disruptions before noon. All shops are closed.

15.08 - Swieto Wojska Polskiego.jpgAugust 15 – Armed Forces Day, and the Catholic solemnity of the Assumption of Virgin Mary into Heaven – C/N
It is a day full of military parades, and bunches of flowers and herbs are brought to churches because the day is also known as Matki Boskiej Zielnej (meaning “the Feast of Our Lady of Herbs”). All shops are closed.

1.11 - Swieto Zmarlych.jpgNovember 1 – All Saints Day, a Catholic solemnity – C
On that particular day, crowds of Poles visit cemeteries to honor the memory of their deceased loved ones. There are always traffic jams around cemeteries.All shops are closed.

11.11 - Swieto Niepodleglosci.jpgNovember 11 – National Independence Day – N
There are marches and military parades not only in Katowice but also in entire Poland. All shops are closed.

4.12 - Barborka.jpgDecember 4 – Barbórka (meaning “St. Barbara’s Day”) – D It is the Miners’ Day which must be celebrated with a bottle of beer.

25.12 - I dzien swiat.jpgDecember 25 – Christmas (the 1st day), a Catholic solemnity – C
All shops are closed.

26.12 - II dzien swiat.jpgDecember 26 – Christmas (the 2nd day), a Catholic feast – C
On that particular day, it is worth visiting the greatest Christmas crib in Europe placed at the altar in the Basilica of St. Louis the King and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Katowice-Panewniki. All shops are closed.

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